Adding a swimming pool to your summer home creates a haven amid the intense heat of the Californian sun. It is not uncommon for in-ground swimming pools to develop functional issues and appear dated over time. Consider the latest design opportunities and features when remodeling your luxurious swimming pool if it’s due for a makeover.

Choosing what you want for your swimming pool is the first step before making all the modifications. This way, renovations will proceed smoothly. Having a clear budget set in place before planning the renovation will also prevent any unnecessary delays.

Is it Possible to Change the Shape of Your Pool?

There is always the possibility of changing the shape of your swimming pool, whether you want a more standard shape or you do not like your current shape. The most common pool renovations involve changing the depth and the overall shape of the pool. Other modifications or upgrades include installing water features.

There is a growing popularity among pool owners today for installing tanning ledges on their existing pools. Another trending modification is to increase the complexity and user-friendliness of stairs. It’s common to add water features after a season or two of pool usage since people love them.

Why Do Pool Owners Remodel the Pool shape?

Some of the reasons why pool owners may want to change their shape include:

  • Boost the overall aesthetic. Adding to the value of your home and beautifying your yard are two big things that pool owners want.
  • Enhance the space in their backyard. Pools can sometimes consume a large portion of a backyard. The shapes of the pool can be made irregular in order to complement the landscape, thereby complementing it. This will allow for other outdoor features to be constructed. A large patio area and outdoor kitchen are some of the features of some of them.
  • Make the swimming pool more modern. It’s time to make some changes to your swimming pool since it was constructed more than twenty years ago. Modern pool designs are available in a wide variety.

How Long Does Pool Remodeling Take?

Depending on the scope of the project, and other factors, remodeling a swimming pool can take a long time. It goes without saying that size is a major factor. It’s also worth considering the remodeling itself.

It is possible to install a ladder on your pool in a single day if that is all you need. The remodeling process could take as many as six to ten weeks if you want your pool completely reshaped.

Step-by-Step Process of Pool Renovation

The first step to your pool renovation is finding an experienced pool contractor. A smooth and easy pool remodel depends on this single decision. Contractors will turn your ideas into reality while minimizing disruptions. You’ll get an accurate estimate and a diagram of what the project looks like.

To get the best value for your money, it is wise to speak with as many contractors as possible. Find out which company offers the best price by comparing estimates. Free quotes are available from Calimingo, Orange County’s top pool remodeling company. Our experts will walk you through a breakdown of costs after listening to your design ideas and concepts. 

When comparing quotes, money is not the only factor to consider. Take a look at the previous work of the contractor. It is a good idea to hire a pool contractor who has a C-53 license to be on the safe side.

Your main concern should not just be the aesthetics but the quality of the job as well. Once you’ve settled the design with a contractor, here’s what pool renovation looks like step by step: 

1. Pool Draining

Submersible pumps are placed at the bottom of the pool to drain it. A pool is usually empty within six to twelve hours after the water runs out into the street.

2. Primer and Chipping

Chipping and priming will be done next by the pool contractors. There is usually a lot of noise involved in this process, which makes it more disruptive. After they’re done, the contractors will thoroughly clean the work area, so it usually takes only about half a day.

3. Putting Up Tiles

The contractors will tile the new tiles you’ve chosen and apply the grout once they’ve primed the surface. This usually takes a day or two, depending on the size of the pool and the number of tiles. During the last plastering session, the tile trim will be added to the steps if you’ve selected a plaster finish.

4. Applying the Surface

A truck will usually be brought in by the contractors with the plaster and pebble mixture to apply the surface. To ensure that the paint color for your pool is correct, you’ll need to be home during the pumping process if you have chosen colored plaster.  

5. Filling Up With Water

The water is now ready to be added. During this process, you need to be at home. Your new pool can form water lines if you turn off the water too soon. You need between 12 and 48 hours for your pool to fill up completely, depending on its size.

6. Adding the Chemicals

To make your water safe for swimming, you’ll also need to add chemicals to it. This process should take only a few hours if you have a pebble-based pool. In many cases, plaster takes longer than drywall – at least a few days.

Your pool’s water chemistry should be routinely checked by a pool maintenance company and adjusted as necessary. Initially, your pool may need constant attention until it stabilizes, but once it has been running for a while, you will not have to worry as much about it. Keeping up with this will greatly enhance your experience.

How Much Does it Cost to Remodel My Pool?

Creating a budget is the next step after you’ve figured out what you want and need. Depending on your budget, you’ll have to decide what features should be prioritized.

Getting a quote on your remodel project from a professional is a better way to get an accurate estimate. If you think your remodel will cost more than you expected, leave a buffer in your budget.

It is easier and more relaxing to enjoy your new stylish pool features when you use quality materials. Even though you may be tempted to remodel your beautiful pool yourself, it is best to hire professional pool remodeling in Orange county for large-scale changes.

Whether you are creating a pool merely for enjoyment or you want it to serve a more functional purpose, Calimingo Pools can help. Contact us today for a consultation!

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