In the backyards of many families, pools are the main attraction, but the design might not be right for their activities or the age of the members. Or perhaps new owners are considering what can be done with a pool that is too deep or shallow, a trusted pool remodeling in Orange County is what you need.

Looking at the state of your current pool can cause frustration and eyesore. You may not even enjoy using it if it isn’t set up as you would like. A swimming pool remodel is what you need if you have issues with the size, shape, depth, or even just how your pool looks in general.

What to Consider When Redesigning Your Pool?

The depth of a swimming pool can be changed with the help of professional pool construction services. To make changes to the swimming pool, owners must take a few crucial factors into consideration.

Types of Pool

A pool renovation budget is determined by the size of your pool. Minor changes can most commonly be made to vinyl-lined pools. Pools made of steel or polymer can be trickier to modify, but they can usually be done at a reasonable cost and provide good structural flexibility. 

The most costly to change during pool installation are fiberglass swimming pools and pools made of concrete. It is, however, relatively straightforward to redo the concrete ones, which leaves just the budget to constrain their design.


Cost can be an essential factor in deciding whether to renovate your pool. Depending on the type, current depth, work needed, and other factors, you should consider a pool service and pool remodeling company in Orange County that offers a high-quality remodeling process and construction.

Drainage and Return Lines

It is particularly important to pay attention to the existing water lines when making size changes. The existing system can usually be tapped into during a renovation, reducing the need for expensive replacement parts.

The plumbing system can be modified without incurring too much labor or expenses. Adding return lines usually don’t require much extra effort since your builder digs deep enough into existing lines.

You should also keep in mind that your particular project’s scope will also change. Assess and consult on the possibility of rerouting and reusing as much as you can of your existing lines.

Other Considerations

As a result of altering the depth of the pool, it will also be able to hold less water. To stabilize the pool in loose soil, it might be necessary to reinforce the overall frame to make it heavier or lighter. It is also possible that the new pool and pool deck will not fit the pre-existing pumps and piping.

If you want to add depth to your backyard pool, you should overhaul the entire system. To make the pool and pool’s surface more accessible and safer. You may want to consider adding new accessories such as a diving board and slide.

Making the Swimming Pool Deeper

When it comes to steel or polymer pools, changing the depth is a relatively simple process and having adequate space in your backyard for construction machines is your biggest concern.

In that instance, your builder will be required to hire a sufficient number of laborers to dig the pool manually. This is because it is typically easier to turn a pool shallow than to deepen it.

A concrete or vermiculite coating will be applied to the bottom of your vinyl pool to create your new depth, regardless of the depth of your choice. No liner is attached to a concrete pool, so you do not need to cover it with one.

Can You Make an existing Pool Bigger?

An existing pool that is too small in size is can be one of your biggest frustrations. Whenever you are accompanied by more than just your family, you will find that it is cramped and small.

Usually, starting from scratch is better for the budget instead of trying to extend an existing pool when it comes to changing its size. Furthermore, it may result in something that looks disjointed if you do the latter.

It is likely that a pool shell will be cut open to extending the length or width of the pool in order to increase the size. However, doing so will require extensive waterproofing, and while it can be done, it is much more expensive than reducing its size.

In addition, adding some drop-in steps as your first step to pool remodeling is one way to achieve a free-form feel in a tired rectangular pool.

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You may need to budget appropriately at this point since it is almost entirely a new swimming pool and our team can provide you with the right service. Experience our state-of-the-art pool design rendering.

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