The Inland Empires’s Best Pool Builder

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Southern California, the Inland Empire, encompassing key areas of San Bernardino and Riverside Counties, is an idyllic setting for custom pool design and luxurious landscape architecture. Calimingo Pools stands at the forefront as the region’s leading provider of innovative pool and landscape solutions, expertly tailored to the unique lifestyle and aesthetics of this dynamic region.

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San Bernardino County’s Choice Pool Builder and Landscape Designer

In cities like Upland and Rancho Cucamonga, where suburban elegance meets natural splendor, Calimingo Pools offers bespoke pool design services. As the go-to experts in modern pool construction and creative landscape design, we ensure that each project perfectly captures the essence of San Bernardino County’s distinctive suburban charm and scenic mountain views. Our pools are more than just a backyard addition; they are a blend of luxury, functionality, and the latest in pool technology.

Riverside County’s Premier Pool Contractor

In the heart of Riverside County, from Corona to Norco, Calimingo Pools is synonymous with family-friendly pool designs and inviting outdoor spaces. Recognized as top pool builders and landscape designers, we specialize in creating outdoor environments that are ideal for Riverside County’s warm climate and relaxed lifestyle. Our custom pools are not only a centerpiece for entertainment but also a sanctuary for relaxation, embodying the warm, community-oriented spirit of the area.

Luxury Pool and Landscape Design in Ontario, Beaumont, Temecula, and Beyond

Each unique city in the inland empire, from Murrieta to Moreno Valley, presents unique demands for pool and landscape design. At Calimingo Pools, we embrace this challenge, delivering cutting-edge designs that seamlessly marry urban sophistication with the suburban ease characteristic of these areas. Our pools in these areas are not just constructions; they are stylish, versatile landmarks that enhance the diverse and evolving landscapes of these dynamic cities.

Calimingo Pools: Custom Pools and Innovative Backyard Living in the Inland Empire

At Calimingo Pools, we understand that every city in the Inland Empire, from the suburban landscapes of San Bernardino County to the family-centric communities of Riverside County, including the dynamic city of Ontario, has its unique character. Our commitment to excellence, customer satisfaction, and innovative design makes us the premier choice for pool and landscape services in the region. Whether it’s a sleek infinity pool, a family-friendly swimming pool, or an eco-friendly landscape design, Calimingo Pools is dedicated to creating spaces that reflect the diverse lifestyles and preferences of the Inland Empire.

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