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Orange County Pool Contractors

Offering Design and Construction Expertise

Installing a pool is making an investment in your home. Quality and attention to detail are essential, so you want to pick a team with experience and expertise. 

Calimingo has a squad of experts who can help walk you through the entire process from design to construction. Our pool builders in Orange County can transform your yard into a first-class outdoor space perfect for relaxation and entertainment.

At Calimingo, we take pride in providing high-quality premier pool construction with integrity. When our Orange County pool builders complete a project, we ensure every customer is completely satisfied.

With Calimingo’s over 20 years of experience and over 840 completed projects, you can be confident that when you choose the firm for any of your luxury pool needs, you’re working with the industry’s top pool builders. 

Calimingo is proud to provide an exceptional pool-building experience. Our team of Orange County pool builders and young designers bring creativity and a personal touch to every project. 

Not only are we swimming pool contractors, but we’re also outdoor living specialists who can revamp your entire backyard, making it the oasis you’ve always dreamed it could be. 

Transform Your Outdoor Living Space

Custom Designs

No matter the size, shape, or challenges of your outdoor space, our pool builders can tailor a design that checks all the boxes, keeping in mind your needs, lifestyle, and budget.

Personalized Service

A Calimingo team member will personally visit your home to take pictures and measurements. You’ll then get a digital rendering from our designers for you to approve, taking into account precisely what you want.


We pride ourselves on providing our clients with value. Once we complete your custom pool design, it is yours to send to contractors so you know our pool builders are offering a competitive bid price.


The No. 1 Orange County Pool Builder

Calimingo is proud to provide our customers with an exceptional pool construction experience. Our team comprises Orange County pool contractors who bring creativity and innovation to each project.

With every build, we carefully consider your needs and desires to present you with a fluid design integrating all of the amenities and the landscaping you want to complement your home’s design. 

No matter the size of your outdoor living space, we guarantee our pool builders will customize a pool design that uses the best materials and gives you the dream outdoor space you’ve always wanted.

Throughout Orange County, from Anaheim to Laguna Beach, our team of pool builders has won the trust of homeowners, including those who don’t have the time to devote to the project themselves.

Our work has been featured in prominent outlets, including House, HGTV, Dreams Luxury, Lifestyle, and more. All of our services, from design to construction, are highly rated on Yelp and Google, thanks to our intense focus on customer satisfaction.

Design Your Custom Swimming Pool

Through Our 5-Step Process

Regardless of your budget, swimming pools are an excellent way to add more fun to your life. The professional team at Calimingo can make your dreams come true. From design to maintenance, we will make your Orange County pool fantasy a reality.

When building swimming pools, it’s vital to work with a licensed swimming pool builder who has extensive knowledge and experience throughout the entire process.

  1. Take the Design Survey

    First, we spend time getting to know you and your goals, as well as understanding your design aesthetic and wish list, by conducting a quick survey with one of our custom pool builders.

  2. We Get to Know You

    The goal of every Orange County custom pool project is to create a unique space that speaks to you. Our staff wants to know every detail about your lifestyle. The information you provide will be used to create your custom pool design.

  3. Obtain Photos and Site Measurements

    Following that, we’ll need to understand your outdoor living space. Our team can create an accurate model of your current layout using photographs and measurements.

  4. Use Design Skills to Create the Perfect Pool

    Next, an Orange County pool builder will work with you to determine the best time to visit your home to gather additional information about your design goals.

  5. Schedule a Screen Share Design Review

    Finally, after reviewing your pool design, we create the pool layout you’ve always wanted.

Why Choose Calimingo Pool Builder?

20-Plus Years of Expertise Translates to High-Quality Luxury Poolscapes

Our Orange County pool contractors have over 20 years of experience to help you build a pool in the size, shape, depth, and style you want. We aim to make the most challenging and unique construction undertakings a less intimidating reality.

We are also proud to offer you the following:

  • Professional design renderings.
  • 90 days of unlimited revisions.
  • Fly-through videos.
  • Permit-ready site plans.
  • Build estimates, and more.

Close your eyes and feel the water around you as you imagine the luxury pool and backyard oasis our Calimingo team is ready to help you create.

Build your Oasis

Frequently Asked Questions

Before you start building your swimming pool and landscaping project in Orange County, California, check out some of the most frequently asked questions we receive from customers when deciding on the overall design of their pool and outdoor space.

How do I choose a good swimming pool contractor?

Checking credentials is a good place to start when selecting a pool builder. Request the phone number and physical address of the company, as well as the full name and phone number of the sales representative.

Additionally, find out how long they’ve been in business and how many swimming pools they installed in the previous year. Also, be sure to inquire about who is in charge of swimming pool construction and check the licensing and certification of everyone involved in the pool installation.

How much value does a pool add to a house?

California pools can increase the value of your home by about 7%, which is roughly $15,000 for a $220,000 home.

How long does it take to have a pool built?

Building inground pools typically take 8 to 12 weeks to complete. In some cases, it may take less or more time, depending on the process.

What are the stages of building a swimming pool?

Following the signing of your contract, you will receive a custom schedule as well as a detailed/customized plan for the construction of your pool. Followed by:

Step 1: Layout and design
Step 2: Excavation of the land
Step 3: Installing the steel
Step 4: Plumbing and electrical installation
Step 5: Shotcrete
Step 6: Installation of tile and decking
Step 7: Interior finishing
Step 8: Finishing touches

What is the life expectancy of an in-ground pool?

A well-maintained concrete pool should last for at least 50 years. In addition, a well-built in-ground concrete swimming pool should last a lifetime. The liner or finish on a pool, on the other hand, will wear out quickly, resulting in the need to resurface the area every 10 to 15 years.


We have achieved the honor of being the highest-rated pool company on Yelp, with a remarkable 100 five-star reviews.


Calimingo not only built us an AMAZING backyard Resort but a place that we can entertain our family & friends and make memories for years to come!! Every guest that visited our backyard is blown away by the transformation!!

Jonathan T. from Yelp


I'm so happy I went with Calimingo. I got bids from several companies and as soon as I got Calimingo's bid, I knew I was going to hire them. It was super broken down and transparent, which helped me see what the other contractors were missing. My yard turned out better than I imagined it and I'm stoked to share it with my friends and family.

Tyler H. from Yelp


When I decided to get my backyard done, I knew it was going to be tough to find somebody to do it because I've been an artist for many years and I am pretty picky when it comes to getting things done on my house. I can't believe how lucky I am to have found Calimingo Pools.

Kc C. from Yelp


Pretty incredible company. Can't thank Asia enough for all the hard work and coordination to get our project done. I can be a handful as a customer and I appreciate her patience and excellent communication throughout the entire project.

Brady L. from Yelp


4.5 stars is very good, honest and realistic! We can recommend Calimingo primarily for their fine craftsmanship, customer service and commitment to their craft. Ours is a rare no pool yard that we enjoy for parties and games like cornhole or beersbee. Pics attached. My only advice is to know your contract line by line and compare it to your rendering.

Anita S. from Yelp


Calimingo did such a great job with our pool project! They are truly a "soup to nuts" company with all the trades represented and working for them. Asia the project manager was stellar--- detail oriented, professional, high quality standards and prompt to meet all requests. We couldn't be happier with the outcome.

Robert N. from Yelp


Absolutely ecstatic about the outcome of the project done by the Calimingo team! This time around, we asked for an extra large outdoor fireplace. This not only serves as a bit of a retaining wall, but has the option for gas or wood burning fire! The fireplace was done in a very timely manner, and the staff was extremely communicative.

Hope M. from Yelp


This review is for pool design process. Our contact was Johnny Bash & he was excellent. I was impressed with his timeliness / responsiveness. If we had any perceived issues, Johnny helped us work them out.

Angelique S. from Yelp


WOW. I cannot begin to tell you about the amazing service I got working with Calimingo pools. From beginning to end, they were the easiest, friendliest and let me tell you some of the cutest owners of a company I've ever seen. If you are looking for the best bang for your buck and the BEST pool company in the world. You'll check here with them first. Unreal experience. I can't wait to host all my parties around my pool and show off.

Vince T. from Yelp


“I worked with Adam to design our backyard. He was excellent. It took him only a couple weeks to finalize everything where other companies were months. I love the final design and works for sure recommend them to anyone designing a backyard.”

Chip N. from Yelp


“Great company, prompt, great value and great work. Johnny from the design team knocked it out of the park, amazing design. I would highly recommend.”

James E. from Yelp


“We have a dream outdoor space because of Calimingo Pools. They worked with usd and crafted a pool and backyard thet fit our budget and tiny square footage. Jesse, Russ, and their team made communication a breeze, and it was easy to know what steps were next. The craftsmanship and quality of the work is spectacular. I’m really happy we chose them for this project.”

Bob V. from Yelp


“Calimingo is first class and did an outstanding job on my design package. I was really nervous about the whole process and had no idea where to start or how much it would cost to turn my backyard into my dream. My sales guy Mike was amazing and extremely professional! He walked me through the whole process and made something that was so daunting to me much less intimidating! I highly recommend this company theyvare above the rest!”

Jenna M. from Yelp


“We couldn't be more thrilled with our new backyard. Calimingo was amazing to work with. From the design to the execution, everyone was on top of it. We were very particular in what we wanted, and the attention to detail by the project manager far exceeded our expectations! Communication was top notch through the entire process. Construction is always stressful, but Calimingo made it easy!”

Gabriella M. from Yelp


“I have been wanting a dream backyard for years and finally decided to move forward with the project. I was concerned because I had no idea about the process. Mike was my sales guy and he did an incredible job explaining the whole process. From design to build, calimingo is first class and I highly recommend them!”

April V. from Yelp


“There are TWO Calimingo Pool contractors in Orange County. Make sure you're contacting the right one. Apparently the one with the 714 area code does not get back to people and is not the one to go with.”

Jen O. from Yelp


“You absolutely get what you pay for with Calimingo. The quality they put into their work is top notch. All my neighbors went the low cost route with their contractors and you can just tell the difference in quality. Check out the pictures how great everything came out. They even came back to put in the floor I wanted in the fire pit! If you want top craftsmanship go with Calimingo you won't have to worry about anything once the work is done!”

Arun A. from Yelp


“Calimingo killed it on our backyard remodel. It was timely, and the project manager was easy to work with and stayed on task in a timely manner. Very happy with the design and results!”

Jeremiah M. from Yelp


“We went to Calimingo to design our dream front yard with a pool... they came up with a beautiful design. It really exceeded our expectations! Jonnie, Jeff, and Steve really went above and beyond for us. We haven't started the project yet but we cannot wait to get to it! We will post photos here once it's all done. In the meantime, here is a photo of their design.”

Nicole K. from Yelp


“We have a dream outdoor space because of Calimingo Pools. They worked with us and crafted a pool and backyard that fit our budget and tiny square footage. Jesse, Russ, and their team made communication a breeze, and it was easy to know what steps were next. The craftsmanship and quality of the work is spectacular. I'm really happy we chose them for this project.”

Bob V. from Yelp


“I don't know where to even begin. I literally described my vision to them and they brought it to life. These guys are the real deal. The most rewarding experience after shopping around and having a fallout with a previous company but Calimingo made it up to me by delivering a fast, clean, and absolutely immaculate service. My pool and jacuzzi look like they're out of a movie and I cannot get tired of my view. Thanks again Jesse!!”

Hamun H. from Yelp


“Covid may have delayed our backyard reveal party, but it was well worth the wait. Two and a half years later, we continue to enjoy our outdoor oasis, day or night! We couldn't be happier with our decision to remodel and to use Calimingo Pools. They are the most creative and innovative around!!”

Laura Z. from Yelp


“I can't say enough about Calimingo Pools and how great they are to work with. I am the envy of the neighborhood and by the time I wrote this review they've already started one of my neighbors homes and are in communications with at least two or three other of my neighbors. You guys are awesome. Keep it up!”

Susan J. from Yelp


“Called in to inquire about their services and Mike was excellent and patient . He took the time to answer my questions and was very polite during my conversation. Most construction companies dont seem to have experienced phone consultants that are patient and willing to help, Mike made me feel at ease and I am hopeful that we will hire them in the future. Thank you Mike for your great service , it seems to difficult to find nowadays!”

Evelyn G. from Yelp


“I can't imagine ever recommending anyone else to anybody besides Calimingo Pools. I wish they sold cars and built houses and opened a restaurant too lol :)”

Greg F. from Yelp


“It's rare these days to find a company that just cares about their customers the old fashion way and somehow at the same time they seem to be running it like a fortune 500 company. From beginning to end I was taken care of and handed off from One expert to the next from sales to design to the construction process and even educated on the care of my finished project when we were done. These guys are just a bunch of winners. Thank you so much to everyone at Calimingo Pools!”

Chad H. from Yelp


“My family and I are absolutely in love with our new yard. It's everything and more than we dreamed of. They actually did my yard many years ago, so we knew they would do a great job for us. We always said that we would hire them to do another yard for us when we moved and we finally did!”

Mike C. from Yelp


“Jesse and Johnny are amazing people, they helped me with my project from start to finish , and my pool yard scape turned out phenomenal”

William R. from Yelp


“Jesse from Calimingo Pools designed and built our dream backyard. It was everything I wanted and more! Jesse and his team really took their time to get to know us and really looked into what we liked and our style of living. He went above and beyond and did things we didn't even expect! Absolutely love his personal touches he did. Couldn't recommend Jesse and his team more!”

Julie P. from Yelp


“Jesse is so easy to work with, friendly and communicative! He is easy going and his company is professional and completes their work with pride and a smile on their face! I cannot recommend Calimingo Pools enough!”

Danielle N. from Yelp


“Calimingo Pools is the best pool company in California hands down! First class all the way and I should know, I'm on my second pool with these guys. My family only uses Calimingo and you should too. Thanks again Jesse and the rest of the crew for you're awesome designs and hard work!”

Krista M. from Yelp


“Jesse and his Team are Amazing!!! They are beyond talented at what they do!! They designed a little piece of heaven for us in our own backyard. Can't wait to get started on these projects. Thank you guys!”

Erika C. from Yelp


“These guys really have their stuff together. I'm used to working in a corporate structure and it was refreshing seeing a construction company that's up to speed on the latest systems and processes. Great organization to work with. I'm very happy with the outcome and would definitely recommend them!”

Ryan M. from Yelp


“The best contractor and designer I've ever gotten to work with. Thanks for everything! Your talent is beyond anything I've experienced.”

Hans D. from Yelp


“I've been working with Jesse for 3 years and counting. His attention to detail and design sense is next level. It's been very exciting working with someone who has as much passion for the craft as I do. As this project comes to a close, it's obvious that Jesse is a design beast and goes the extra mile on every job, big or small. Keep up the good work!”

Joe C. from Yelp


“Super attentive team with a focus on quality. I would absolutely recommend Calimingo pools ~ some of the best work I have seen and a warm welcoming staff that make communication/ coordination a breeze!”

Harrison J. from Yelp


“THE best company. Jesse and his entire crew are amazing. From start to finish, nothing but the best from everyone involved. I cannot say enough about this company. I recommend them to all family and friends. Will definitely use them for future projects. Thank you Calimingo!”

Alisa C. from Yelp


“These guys are the best. From start to finish they worked with me for the best outcome. Russell, Miguel and the crew created the perfect backyard space for me including patio cover, outdoor kitchen and a huge outdoor bar. They also created a great fire pit seating area and a raised planting area for a garden. 100% recommend them, reliable, clean and very high quality of work!!”

Nick K. from Yelp


“Jessie and his team of Pro Scape experts, did a fantastic custom job on our landscaping project in Hollywood. We were able sale our flip project in lightening seed and maximum profits. Wes are looking for him to start our new project in Culver City now. Can't wait!”

Alton J. from Yelp


“Jesse does some rad stuff especially on Flip or Flop!!! Next up is my house jesse! Tarek”

Tarek M. from Yelp


“Jesse Is the Man. I refereed him to celebrity client of mine and he knocked out the park. The customer couldn't decide what she wanted and Jesse walked her through it. Smooth Transformation and very Professional. All the neighbors are asking who did it. The counter tops and Lighting are the best custom work we seen.”

Jesse G. from Yelp


“These guys do great work! Jesse and his team are masters of design and pride themselves on attention to detail all the while maintaining integrity and efficiency. Hats off to the whole Proscapes team!”

Jeff M. from Yelp


“Jesse and his team were great. They designed my backyard in Newport Coast and did an amazing job.”

Evelyn M. from Yelp

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