Prior to fiberglass’s rise, concrete was the most common material used for pool construction. In recent years, concrete has been regaining its popularity. Top Orange County pool contractors choose concrete because of its various benefits.

Because concrete pools can be designed in a variety of ways, they have proven to be a popular choice for swimming pools and spas. A beautiful outdoor feature for a small to large yard, these structures offer solid construction and modern styles. It is possible to achieve long-term functional and durable results with the assistance of a professional installer. 

Why is Concrete the Top Choice for Swimming Pools?

Pools, walls, and columns can all be constructed out of concrete, which makes it pretty versatile. A mixture of water, cement, sand, and usually either stone or gravel is used to make concrete. The aggregate particles in concrete are usually fine and large.

During the pool installation, Orange County pool homeowners should give time for concrete to reach its full potential after it has been sprayed on. The substance doesn’t dry, per se. After a long process known as curing, it hardens and strengthens. In the case of a pool shell, it takes approximately 28 days.

However, when you bend or flex concrete, the force pulls on the surface and cracks it because concrete has a low tensile strength. During this process, concrete pools may develop cracks on the surface or structurally. 

For this reason, a professional swimming pool contractor uses steel frames to frame the concrete. Together, steel and concrete form a sturdy structure that can withstand water, earth, and gravity pressures.

Shotcrete and Gunite

You can either use a dry-mix process or a wet-mix process when it comes to the construction of pools. Often, this wet-mix process is called shotcrete. You may recognize those cement trucks you see on the road, as this is the time when everything gets mixed and delivered to your home.

The use of gunite comes into play when you implement a dry-mix process. In general, gunite is water-free until it is applied and mixed in by the pool builder who installs your pool. In essence, it is still concrete.

6 Benefits of Concrete Swimming Pool

As opposed to fiberglass, which has a limited depth, concrete is a great material due to its ability to accommodate large-size requirements. Therefore, it can be installed in larger pools.

1. Design Flexibility

Concrete is highly customizable, which is one of its primary advantages. Regardless of the size, shape, or additional features, pool professionals can create your concrete pool the way you want it. If you wanted, it might be possible to form it into any custom shape you want, such as a heart or even a car; that would be expensive, but it is certainly doable. 

2. Durability & Longevity

Just like fiberglass pools, concrete pools are also durable. Unlike with vinyl liners, you won’t have to worry about sharp objects damaging the structure. Your dogs’ nails damaging the concrete in the pool will never be a problem when you let them swim in it.

However, the plaster of the pool, or its interior finish, is not as durable as the concrete structure itself and will need to be refinished by pool contractors over time.

3. Maintenance-friendly

Swimming pools with fiberglass or vinyl liners are difficult to maintain if you have ever seen one. To prevent damage to the surface, you will need to be very careful when you use products and accessories on them.

In contrast, concrete pools require less maintenance and can be treated with almost any salt or chemical. Since such pools have sturdy walls, you don’t have to worry about significant damage if you use them regularly. Therefore, concrete swimming pools are highly durable if you plan to use them for a long time.

4. Aesthetic Appeal

Concrete also exhibits a lovely appearance. A concrete pool might not immediately come to mind as “pretty,” but concrete actually provides a classic look. The concrete pool liner won’t bubble or separate, and you can easily avoid staining and algae if you upkeep with the maintenance of your concrete pool.

5. Climate Adaptability

In cold climates, concrete swimming pools will survive, but they will also withstand the rigors of warm climates and areas with more sand and clay in the ground. As a result, you won’t have to do anything to keep the pool protected from environmental factors. For this reason, concrete is the most commonly used material by pool builders when it comes to swimming pool construction.

6. Increase in Property Value

The value of your property can be increased by several times if you have a beautifully done, well-designed, and well-maintained swimming pool. Starting your concrete pool project comes with the drawback of a longer installation time. It might not be desirable for a customer to wait a long time, but it’s worth it when you find out that your new pool will last you a lifetime.

Are Concrete Pools Right for You?

Other swimming pools do not typically offer as many options as concrete pools do. For instance, it is common for fiberglass pools to be made from molds that are pre-made and have a fixed size. Due to this, they don’t provide the same variety of options as concrete pools.

Pools made of concrete are durable, can be built in any temperate zone, and offer a range of design options for both structural and aesthetic appeal. Therefore, if you’re considering installing a pool on your property, you can be sure that the concrete one will provide lasting enjoyment and value.

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