Unfortunately, we can’t just snap our fingers and get the backyard paradise we’ve always dreamed of. The reality is that there’s a lengthy process with many steps involved in transforming your space and making your dream a reality. 

By familiarizing yourself with the procedures needed in building a pool, you can manage your expectations and make the necessary preparations. Although the process can be challenging, the results are well worth the effort. 

How Long Is the Pool Building Process? 

With so many steps involved in the process of building a pool, it’s a given that it will be time-consuming, especially when there is always the chance of delays due to weather, permits, and scheduling conflicts. 

While some people enjoy complicated DIY projects, leaving pool construction to the professionals is best. When you work with an expert pool contractor, you’re looking at a timeline of 8 to 12 weeks. However, even if you are a DIY expert, if you’re not building pools all the time, you’re looking at a timeline of 12+ weeks. 

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How To Build a Pool

Building a pool is no small feat. It takes precision, an understanding of the land and materials, and requires expertise when laying multiple systems (such as plumbing, electrical, and connecting to utilities). Working with pool designers and engineers can help simplify this process. 

Custom pool builders in Orange County can use their years of experience to ensure the process of building a pool is as smooth and hassle-free as possible. Working with a team of professionals also helps you get a professional diagram of the project, an accurate estimate, and the expertise needed for excellent execution. 

Step 1: Design and Layout

The first step in the process of building a pool is to determine what kind of pool you want. The type of pool you want will significantly impact the design and layout of your pool and backyard. Once you know this, you’ll need to carefully consider the different dimensions of the pool and your space. 

Using these dimensions, you can work with Calimingo to visually mark (with spray paint) where the pool will be installed. Not only does this help guide an excavation team, but it also helps ensure you are satisfied with the layout. It also allows you to identify various challenges to your pool construction, such as tree roots, parts of your septic or sewage system, pipes, electrical lines, gas lines, etc.  

Deciding on a layout can be a lengthy process lasting from little as a week to several months, depending on the number of revisions required. 

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Step 2: Obtain Pool Construction Permits

Most municipalities require you to obtain the necessary permits before any pool construction begins. Homeowners are responsible for ensuring all plans comply with local, state, and HOA codes and regulations. 

The cost of building permits ranges between $250-$2,000, depending on your location and the project’s complexity. You’ll need a building permit for the pool and separate permits for any decking and landscaping projects accompanying your pool. Remember, you will likely need additional permits for plumbing and electrical work and connecting to utilities. 

If you have an HOA, you must get approval from the HOA unless an arrangement has been made otherwise. It is important to remember that some HOAs only meet once or twice a month to approve submissions, so you might have to wait longer before your pool can be constructed. 

Keep in mind that if your local permitting office is busy, there may be delays (weeks or even months) in obtaining the necessary permits. 

Step 3: Begin the Digging Process of Building a Pool

Beginning to dig is one of the most exciting parts of building a pool, as it’s the first physical sign of your backyard transforming into paradise. Working with a team of experts will ensure that existing electrical, plumbing, gas, and sewage lines are not damaged during excavation. 

As you watch your new pool take shape, the entire family will be amazed at the awesome machinery involved. While the construction team makes it look easy, technical expertise and hard work are required to achieve the knowledge and ability needed for successful excavation. In general, this process takes approximately two days.

Step 4: Steel Framework Installation

When creating your dream in-ground pool, you need a support system to hold it up. The best support system is a steel framework crafted to your exact specifications. Working with a team of experts to create your framework is especially important with custom pools. 

It will take approximately two days for the steel to be installed during the third week of pool construction. The bending and shaping of the steel to form your new swimming pool will be done on-site. Seeing the pool begin to take shape can be especially exciting for both kids and adults.

Step 5: Lay Plumbing and Electrical Systems 

Plumbing is one of the most crucial steps during the installation of a swimming pool. Keeping the circulation system running is the job of the plumbing. Plumbing jobs can be complicated depending on the features you choose for your pool.

Installing the circulation and central drain systems, as well as the pool skimmer, will be done by the hired plumber. The installation of each flowing system in your design will take place at this time, such as therapy jets, deck jets, sheer descent cascade, and any other water features you have requested. 

An electrician will also work to install the electric elements of your pool. These elements include lighting, electricity to run the pool pump, heater, and water features. Given the proximity to water and the voltage required for specific components, this job is best left to the professionals. 

Collecting the necessary electrical and plumbing permits for this process takes up to a week. Add to this the actual installation time, which will vary depending on the complexity of your chosen features. 

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Step 6: Pouring the Concrete

Most custom pools are concrete pools. Once all the lines are laid, the concrete can be poured into the framework created earlier in the build. When creating a luxury pool, pressurized concrete is placed and sculpted according to your specific design. 

Using heavy equipment, it takes a team of skilled craftsmen to collect the concrete and shape the pool, spa, and even the steps leading to your pool. Once the concrete is poured, it will need at least three days to cure and dry fully.

Step 7: Put Decking In Place

For a beautiful pool area, you’ll want to work with expert custom pool builders that can integrate the various elements you want and create your dream paradise, including the deck. 

The decking phase of your custom build will take approximately one week. However, you must also consider the materials you use and the overall square footage of your design. 

Step 8: Apply the Interior Finish

You can choose the interior finish you want when creating your custom pool. However, the most popular is a concrete interior finish. 

To achieve this interior finish, expert craftsmen will direct the flow of pressurized concrete. They will then knead the surface into the final design on the pool floor and walls using trowels. At this time, plaster, stone, or tile can also be added to the final design. Depending on the complexity of the interior finish, this portion of the pool-building process can take three days to a week. 

Once the interior finish is completed, the pool will be filled with water. 

Step 9: Final Coating of the Deck

For hose pool designs incorporating decking, a final coat of paint must be applied to the deck. Applied paint adds a glossy finish to the pool and takes 12 hours to dry. The entire process takes about a day and a half to complete and will end the actual swimming pool construction process. 

Step 10: Begin the Landscaping Process

The pool itself is only part of the transformation of your backyard. What goes around the pool is just as important. It can take up to seven days to design your landscaping, depending on the layout style you choose and what existing elements you have to work with. 

Benefits of Building a Pool With a Pool Expert  

A backyard that becomes your personal paradise should be crafted and constructed to the highest standards. Swimming pools are a beautiful addition to your backyard oasis, and you don’t want to encounter any trouble or headaches later. Choosing the DIY route could easily result in delayed timelines and costly repairs down the line. 

Calimingo Pools is the place to go when you’re ready to build your custom pool. By working with our custom pool builder in Orange County, CA, you can ensure your luxury pool is built with quality workmanship that will last. 

You can count on our pool experts, with over 20 years of experience, to assist you with your pool construction. Your lifestyle and the time you plan to spend at the property are taken into account in our process to ensure your outdoor space fully meets your needs. 

It’s our goal to turn a daunting project into a rewarding experience while giving you the custom luxury pool of your dreams.

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