The many choices you have when it comes to landscaping can seem overwhelming if you’ve never done it before. Many of the same principles that guide your room setup inside can also be used to design your outdoor spaces. In fact, an experienced landscape architect can create the design you dream of.

Moreover, it’s helpful to think about your yard as you would your home. It can be very rewarding to work with a professional landscape architect. You can avoid costly mistakes by hiring a professional who is knowledgeable in landscape architecture to turn your ideas into reality.

As well as considering the site features, weather conditions, type of plants, and placement, and they also take into account your vision when implementing your design.

Choosing a Landscape Architect

It is the landscape architect’s responsibility to come up with a stunning outdoor space that will meet your specific needs.

The majority of landscape architects work on medium to small projects. Many landscape architects design parks, work on other big projects and design residential properties.


Prospective landscape architects should be professionals you can trust and those you feel comfortable with. Instead of just telling you what they envision for your property, your landscape architects should ask questions and listen to what you want.

Likewise, pay attention to the comments and opinions of landscape architects and you’ll end up reaching your goals because of their expertise.

Educational Background on Landscape Designing

Check to see how active your landscape architect is in their professional practice. What’s most important is that they are a licensed landscape architect. It is also worth knowing that designers must complete continuing education credits.

Different states require landscape architects to take the landscape architect registration examination. There are also some self-taught landscape architects who are excellent, as are those with an undergraduate degree in landscape architecture or formal training in horticulture or landscape ecology.

If you are concerned about the level of experience and training your landscape architect has, you should be aware of their educational background.

Portfolio of their Work

Landscape architects should be able to show you examples of their work. To learn more about a designer’s abilities, take a look at their portfolio. Check to see if they have worked on a project similar to yours.

It is also important to remember that, if a designer is new to the industry of landscape architecture, their landscape project progress may not be extensive. Landscape architects spend years getting graphic representations of design sites and making new projects look established.

Landscape Design Basic Principles

Your creativity will be enhanced and new ideas will be generated when you understand these landscape design principles.

With these simple landscaping principles, your creativity will be boosted, as well as your relationship with landscape architects will result in a more productive collaboration.


It refers to consistency and repetition within a design, which is one of the principles of landscaping. By repeating elements in the landscape, you are able to bring unity to your design.

Landscape architects prepare models to showcase a common theme or unit through consistency by fitting different elements of the natural environment together.

Harmony and Contrast

Landscape compositions benefit from contrast and harmony. The former highlights certain elements and the latter ties them together.

It is visually appealing to place elements that contrast next to each other because they draw the attention of the viewer. By juxtaposing or using complementary colors together, contrast and harmony can be achieved through the arts.


In order to achieve unity, repetition is imperative. When you repeat the same elements in a garden, you can create a wide range of expressions. Therefore, if you have a variety of elements and forms in your garden, it is a good thing.

Your design may appear unplanned and cluttered if your landscape architects place too many unrelated objects. Also, it is wise to avoid overusing elements since this can result in boring, monotonous, and uninteresting designs.


A proportion describes the relationship between two elements. The most obvious principle of landscape design, but one that still requires some planning and consideration.

Landscape architects create an appropriate balance between all elements. Consider taking a look into hiring landscape architects for your backyard.

Looking for Landscape Architect in Orange County

In order to determine right away whether the landscape architects can meet your needs, you must determine up front your cost estimates and how much time it will take. Providing you with a functional backyard that can also be visually appealing is the expertise of our team at Calimingo Pools.

In order to make a site as functional and attractive as possible, it is well worth the investment to have a landscape design done. We can always help if you need assistance with gathering ideas or if you need help making things happen.

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