There’s something incredibly exciting about having a new pool installed in your backyard. Cozy evening swims, midday pool parties, and a beautiful exterior space are all yours to enjoy for life. But planning for a new pool can also be overwhelming. 

Before you set your plans in stone — or tile, for that matter! — it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the different types of pools available. Once you’ve selected the type of pool, the Calimingo team can show you innovative pool designs to give you a better idea of what would look best in your space. We’d love to chat with you and turn your backyard dream into an everyday reality. 

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Choosing Between an In-Ground or Above-Ground Pool

Before you get into the different types of pools that can be installed in your backyard, you’ll have to make an initial decision: Is an in-ground or above-ground better for your particular space? 

Let’s explore the differences. 

Above-Ground Pools

When it comes to adding a swimming space for your home, above-ground pools fit most budgets. They are more affordable, because they have a far simpler installation process. There’s no digging, landscaping, or other steps involved other than adding the pool. 

Additional info:

  • Available in various shapes and sizes.
  • Most have low-maintenance vinyl liners.
  • Great for smaller backyards.
  • Not nearly as versatile and customizable as in-ground pools.

In-Ground Pools

While in-ground pools come with a higher price tag, they also add value, luxury, and customization at an unmatched level. In-ground pools can be made from fiberglass, concrete, or with vinyl liners. 

Additional info:

  • Different types of in-ground pools are available.
  • The installation process is lengthier and requires more effort. 
  • Long-lasting and durable. 
  • Features include landscaping, fountains, decking, etc. 

Choosing a Pool That Fits Your Needs

Timeless or trendy? Edgy or soft? Cozy or all-out glamorous? These are decisions you get to make when working with skilled pool designers. When you have a general idea of the look and experience you want from your backyard, you are better equipped to decide which type of pool to install. 

Infinity Pool

Infinity pools are a popular choice thanks to home and lifestyle magazines, social media, and home improvement shows. Nothing says abundant luxury like an infinity pool’s vanishing edge. 

Infinity pools, like many other in-ground pools, can be customized to your liking. Opt for a five-star resort-style beach entry instead of traditional steps. Have your pool installation company put in a Baja shelf to create a designated space for relaxation. The options are endless.

For all of its luxurious offerings, infinity pools can be costlier to install and maintain — but you’ll reap the rewards of having resort-style luxury in the convenience of your own backyard. 

Lap Pool

An Olympic-inspired pool for the Olympian in you! The lap pool is perfect for those looking to get in regular cardio-packed swim sessions. While an official Olympic lap pool is 164 feet long, it’s pretty rare to find that size in a residential space. 

About 30 to 40 feet in length would be substantial enough for back-and-forth swimming in a lap pool. 

Lap pools usually don’t have the bells and whistles some other pools may have. Most homeowners looking to have a lap pool installed are mainly interested in one thing: exercise. That’s why it’s normal to find a stand-alone lap pool, without extra landscaping features. 

Architectural Pool

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Talk about bells, whistles, and then some! Architectural pools are exactly what they sound like: pools designed by an architect. An architect will take your space, home, aesthetics, and other needs to design and build the luxury pool of your dreams, enhanced by custom shapes, quality fixtures, and drool-worthy landscaping.

Because of the extensive amount of work involved with architectural pools, the best time to have them installed is while your home is being built. 

Premium architectural pools also have a premium price. There’s a lot of behind-the-scenes work that goes on in the design process. But what you get is a creative, cohesive, and truly unique exterior space, curated by top-rated pool builders and a skilled architect, that is yours to enjoy for years to come. 

Natural Pools

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There’s a high demand for natural pools — and rightfully so. These sustainable pools, when managed properly, boast crystal-clear waters without the need of chemicals. These self-cleaning mini ecosystems are filtered and cleaned via live plants. 

Natural pools do require a lot of space, so if you’re working with a small backyard, you may want to consider a different type of pool. Natural pools have two sections: one for swimming and the other for filtration/regeneration. And both sections must be of similar size. 

But if you’ve got the space and budget for it, you can swim in your very own, man-made lagoon surrounded by lush greens, waterfalls, and rocks. It’s like an exclusive vacation every day!

Geometric Pools

If you’re looking to match your backyard to your modern, sleek, and chic home, a geometric pool may be the way to go. There’s essentially no limit to the design elements and variety of shapes you can incorporate into a geometric pool. 

The unconventional approach adds a very clean and cohesive look. But talking to an experienced pool designer can definitely help you come up with the best approach. Calimingo team members have installed luxurious geometric pools for many Los Angeles homeowners who have been thrilled with their new exterior space. We incorporate the use of boulders, waterfalls, steps and ladders, rocks, and lighting to give you a finished space that is truly one of a kind. 

Rectangular and Oval Pools

Classic and accommodating, rectangular and oval pools are industry standards. They work well in many different kinds of backyards while also providing a customized look. These pools can be great for entertaining as they are able to fit more people. 

Let Calimingo Help You Select the Perfect Pool

Now that you’ve learned about all the different types of pools, including different types of in-ground pools, you’ll be able to make a decision for your backyard. 

Still have questions? We’d love to answer them. We’ve assisted Southern California homeowners like you through the pool designing and installation process. And now, Calimingo would love to help you. Whether you’re looking to add a natural pool to your space or a trendy infinity pool, our team and services can accommodate your needs. 

Request a quote by filling out our online form or get in touch via phone by calling us at 714-235-3294. We look forward to working with you!

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