Transforming your backyard into a personal paradise doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. Above-ground pools are a great solution for homeowners who are looking to enjoy the serenity of a swimming pool without the high costs and construction timelines that come with in-ground pools. 

The cost of an above-ground pool doesn’t have to break your wallet either — especially if you’re in Orange County, where the average above-ground pool cost is $2,850 total. Above-ground pools are an amazing option for you if you have a limited budget and space. 

And the best part? You might be surprised at how stunning the designs can be. A talented pool builder can create the most beautiful above-ground pool you could have ever imagined, tailored specifically for you.

Experts in Pool Remodeling in Orange County Offer More Than Installations

In addition to above-ground pools being budget-friendly, these swimming pools can be seamlessly integrated into your existing landscape. They not only offer a refreshing escape from the summer heat, but also add an aesthetic appeal and value to your outdoor space. 

There is a misconception that above-ground pools are unsightly, stand-alone circles that occupy valuable yard space. However, the reality is quite different. The possibilities of a beautiful transition between the pool and the rest of your yard are endless. 

Here at Calimingo Pools, we can create space for comfortable loungers and planters filled with vibrant flowers and greenery that will add a touch of natural beauty to the pool area; a deck that can act as a bridge from the above-ground pool to a tidy backyard and creates a cohesive and inviting space; or a combination of other recreational features that will make your swimming pool a cherished centerpiece for both relaxation and family enjoyment. 

Just imagine it: the sun setting on the elegant stone steps leading down into your backyard as your children play a game of hopscotch and finish with a splash in the pool. 

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Above-Ground Pool Costs

Above-ground pool costs are under your control. If you’re not afraid of a little hard work, you can opt for a do-it-yourself approach that can help reduce costs. You can buy a DIY above-ground pool kit for $750, and if you want something a little more fancy, you can spend up to $11,200 for a big, sturdy, saltwater pool.

After all, the above-ground pool cost varies depending on several factors such as size, materials, and additional features. Here is a brief breakdown:

Shape and Size

  • Round: Round, above-ground pools are generally the most affordable option due to their easy installation process. Depending on the size, round pools can range from approximately $750 to $3,000.
  • Oval and Rectangular: Oval and rectangular pools tend to be slightly more expensive than round pools due to the complexity of their installation. The above-ground pool cost of oval and rectangular pools will depend on the size, with prices ranging from around $1,000 to $4,000. 


When it comes to the materials used for above-ground pool liners, vinyl is the common choice. However, there are three types of liners available, each with varying prices: 

  • Overlap: Overlap liners are the most affordable option due to their easy installation process. These liners have an edge that fits over the top of the pool wall. The cost of overlap liners typically ranges from $100 to $700. 
  • Beaded: Beaded pool liners are held in place by a specially designed part that snaps into a track or groove around the top of the pool wall. Beaded liners offer a secure fit and are available in a range of patterns and thicknesses. Beaded liners usually cost between $150 and $500. 
  • Expandable: Expandable liners are designed to expand to fit pools of various sizes. They offer versatility and a longer life span compared to the other two liner types, with a potential life span of up to 15 years. The cost of expandable liners typically ranges from $200 to $700. 

Above-ground pool costs can also depend on the material of the frames. The frames can be constructed using steel, aluminum, or resin, and there are also hybrid options. Here are the estimated price ranges for each type:

  • Steel: Steel frames are a popular and affordable choice for above-ground pools. The cost of steel frames can be anywhere from $500 to $3,000 depending on the size and quality of the frame.
  • Aluminum: Aluminum frames offer a lightweight and corrosion-resistant option for above-ground pools. Due to their durability and premium qualities, aluminum frames are generally priced higher than steel frames. The cost of aluminum frames can range from approximately $1,000 to $4,000, depending on the size and specifications of the frame.
  • Resin: Resin frames fall between steel and aluminum frames in terms of cost. They offer a balance of durability, resistance to corrosion, and affordability. The exact pricing for resin frames will vary based on factors such as size and features. 


The above-ground pool cost for installation can vary depending on their size and shape, with prices ranging from $750 to $3,000. 

Another great thing about above-ground pools is that they are easy to remove. When winter comes, instead of going through a laborious winterizing process, all you have to do is remove and store your pool in a dry and secure location away from the elements. 

This also means that you can conveniently take your pool with you if you ever move houses — a luxury that owners of in-ground pools do not have. With above-ground pools, you can invest as much as you want on the aesthetic of your pool without having to worry about losing your investment later on. 

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Filling your pool with water is an exciting phase of the installation process, but it’s important to consider the costs when planning your budget. The costs will differ if you choose to fill a 5-foot deep, 14- by 28-foot pool with a capacity of 14,700 gallons of water or choose to have water trucked in. 


The cost of decking for rectangular above-ground pools typically falls between $2,500 and $11,200. On average, this works out to be approximately $15 to $30 per square foot.

While we strongly recommend hiring a professional pool-building company, you still have other options if your budget is limited. There are DIY above-ground pool kits that come with a patio option included, providing you with an opportunity to install the deck yourself.


So far, we’ve covered the basic above-ground pool costs. But there are numerous optional add-ons available to further personalize your pool to your desires. 

  • Ladder: A ladder can cost up to $650, depending on the type and quality you choose. 
  • Lighting: If you want to illuminate your above-ground pool area, there are lighting options that can go up to $120.
  • Pool heater: If you want comfortable swimming temperatures, a pool heater is a great option, with costs reaching up to $2,000 depending on the size and efficiency of the heater.
  • Water features: You can enhance the beauty of your pool with water features such as fountains or sprayers, which can cost up to $130.
  • Fence: As a safety measure, many jurisdictions require homeowners to install a fence around their pool.  The cost of a pool fence can go up to $1,500, depending on the material and style you choose.

The Importance of Fences

We strongly recommend that you install a fence around your above-ground pool, especially if you have small children and pets, as a safety precaution. Fences for above-ground pools are commonly installed on top of the pool walls and are reinforced. You can also choose to fence the entire area surrounding the pool. It is important to add a fence or barrier that effectively deters children and pets without putting too much weight on the deck, which could cause damage.

We also recommend pool covers to protect your pool during the winter months to prevent debris from polluting your pool. Pool covers help to maintain the cleanliness and integrity of your pool during the off-season. 


When it comes to maintenance, above-ground pools offer a more cost-effective option compared to inground pools, even if you hire a professional pool cleaning service. 

For DIY maintenance the monthly cost ranges from $5 to $15. This includes expenses for chemicals, cleaning supplies, and routine upkeep tasks. 

If you prefer the help of a professional pool cleaning service, the monthly cost can range from $80 to $150. This covers regular maintenance visits, water testing, and specialized cleaning equipment.

You should also take into consideration the one-time expense for the initial setup of your above-ground pool. This includes equipment like skimmer baskets, brushes, and vacuums. 

It’s worth noting that these costs are approximate and can vary depending on the size of the pool, local service rates, and specific maintenance requirements. 

Consulting with your local pool maintenance professionals will provide more accurate estimates tailored to your specific situation. 

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Installing Above-Ground Pools

The appeal of above-ground pools lies in the fact that many individuals choose to install them themselves. However, your best option might be to hire professional pool builders to avoid legal problems and save time.

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For instance, you may not know that it’s necessary to obtain a building permit before installing your above-ground pool.

Additionally, adherence to electrical safety codes is crucial, and it is highly recommended to hire a professional electrician to handle the installation of the electrical system.

The DIY installation of an above-ground pool takes about seven to 10 days. In contrast, professional pool installers can complete the job in just one to two days.

Preparing the installation site is the most important task. The ground must be level and free of any weeds, roots, leaves, twigs, and other debris. Once the ground is clear, it must be compacted to create a solid foundation. Adding a layer of sand is a common practice, but there are other suitable options such as commercial pads, foam, carpet padding, or flooring underlayment that can serve as a base material.

Please note that these guidelines are general, and specific requirements may vary depending on local regulations and individual circumstances. The guidelines may be extremely strict, so it is advisable to consult with your local authorities, professional installers, and experts in your area to ensure compliance with all necessary permits, codes, and best practices when installing an above-ground pool. 

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Orange County Pool Remodeling Companies Provide Expert Advice

The installation instructions for an above-ground pool can be confusing and even indecipherable. If you find that the location you initially selected for your above-ground pool requires more extensive ground preparation than anticipated, it is advisable to seek guidance from experienced professionals in pool remodeling, particularly in Orange County.

Our team of above-ground pool specialists is dedicated to transforming your backyard into the captivating and tranquil haven of your dreams. From the initial design concept to the breathtaking final result, we will be with you every step of the way.

With our expertise and extensive knowledge, we can bring your vision to life, whether you desire a simple and cost-effective design or a luxurious backyard retreat. For more information or to get started, please don’t hesitate to contact Calimingo Pools at (714) 235-3294.

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