Your outdoor living spaces can become your very own calm haven by turning your swimming pool into a spa with the help of reliable pool contractors in Orange County.

Due to the advantages they provide the body, spas continue to become a more popular upgrade for your home’s swimming pools. The spa’s heated water helps relieve aches and pains and fosters a sense of well-being.

Your dream pool experience can be significantly altered by the accessories you choose. Some pool accessories, like cleaning equipment, are essential to the maintenance of your new pool—whilst other additions, like automation options, heating systems, and water jets, are opulent or improve your quality of life.

An Overview of Pool Jets

For individuals who prefer to focus on entertainment and relaxation, spa jets are the ideal addition to a pool. Spa jets, which are installed below the surface of the water, provide a luxurious spa experience right in your own outdoor living space.

The process of a swimming pool construction into a spa doesn’t require a lengthy makeover. In fact, it can be completed by a swimming pool contractor in a matter of weeks. For the cold seasons in Southern California, water jets can promote warm water that might help you continue using it beyond summer.

They don’t appear to be much when you look at them. Simply little plastic apertures in the pool walls allow water to flow back into the pool after it has been filtered. Pool jets are a lot more than that, though.

They fill the pool back up with water and the return jets in the pool also aid in distributing chemicals throughout the space. If all the chlorine was in one place, it wouldn’t do much to help. The remaining portion of the pool would be filthy and unclean.

The jets also maintain the water level above the skimmer as they return water to the pool. The water can only enter the skimmer and pass through the filter in this manner. What happens if the pool jets don’t function in your custom pool? The water is unclean. Just like that.

How Do Swimming Pool Jets Work?

You’ll need a lot of jets to turn your pool into a spa. Warm water is pushed forward by jets, which also create bubbles for a soothing massage. There are numerous nozzle and piping configurations available for jets. Consequently, you want to pick a jet that exerts gentle, soothing pressure.

High-pressure jets have more water in them, which some swimmers may find uncomfortable. For spas with elderly and little children, consider purchasing smaller jets. Seniors’ painful joints and bones can be relieved by medium to large jets.

Compared to tough conventional jets, soft tissue jets have a gentler feel that is more soothing. A therapeutic massage will be provided by the soft tissue massage nozzle.

How to Maintain Water Jets for Swimming Pools?

Both plastic and stainless steel are options for jets. Due to their aesthetic appeal and corrosion resistance, stainless steel jets are recommended by swimming pool contractors. Orange County pool builder suggests that jets should be taken out and cleaned once a year to ensure efficient operation.

In order to prevent hard mineral accumulation, you could also soak them in a weak vinegar solution. If you want your jet to perform better, it is recommended for owners to work with a pool builder in checking your swimming pool filter frequently to see if you need to replace it.

A Luxury Swimming Pool Builder in Los Angeles & Orange County, CA

Orange County homeowners who have a pool in their outdoor space frequently think about adding a spa as an extra amenity. Due to the hot water, a jet will allow you to enjoy your pool far into the fall and winter. This accessory utilizes the same mechanical and plumbing components as your pool, so construction won’t be expensive.

Calimingo Pools’ construction services consider your lifestyles, and the length of time you intend to spend on your property, and our expertise in nearby comparable properties helps our team of pool builders to create specifically to meet your needs.

With our proven procedure and more than 20 years of expertise as one of the best swimming pool builders in creating custom luxury pools, you can be confident that we will take care of all your demands and have your custom luxury pool ready for use.

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