Swimming pools can make a great addition to your home, whether you want to add value to your property or want to relax during the summer months. Building a pool is a significant investment. That’s why before you begin the pool remodeling project on your property in California, you’ll need to obtain a swimming pool permit.

Despite state-specific permit requirements, homeowners are required to obtain permits before building outdoor swimming pools. For safety purposes, this requirement was put in place to ensure the pool is built responsibly.

Are you considering building a pool in your California house? Here you will find all the Orange County, California residential swimming pool regulations explained in detail. If you plan to build or remodel a swimming pool in your home in California, you must adhere to these regulations.

Is a California Pool Permit Required?

Building permits are required for all pools that will hold at least 3,000 gallons or more of water, including above-ground pools. Building permits are not necessary for spas, but permits are needed for their electrical work. There are also requirements for safety fencing and gate alarms under the code.

Before you begin work, you must obtain a permit. You must present the appropriate authorities with a clear plan of the type of swimming pool you are planning to construct. Upon approval and grant of the permit, you can now begin building the pool.

Before working with Orange County pool contractors, a residential building permit is typically all you need to begin work on your pool area. In some cases, many towns and cities also require electrical permits since pools have in-ground pumps and filtration systems that must meet certain standards.

It is your responsibility to obtain municipal approval from the appropriate authorities in your area. Permits are issued by different departments depending on what permit you need and which city or town you live in. Municipal departments of towns, cities, and counties usually have zoning and planning offices.

However, the construction of pools in California does not always require a permit. The city does not require permits for wading pools, bathing pools, or swimming pools that are less than 24 inches deep or have a surface area under 250 square feet.

How to Obtain Pool Building Permits in California

Before swimming pool contractors in South Orange County start pool remodels and construction, the County requires building permits to ensure compliance with building regulations and standards. It is necessary to have building plans in order to obtain a permit.

As part of the building permit application process, plans are reviewed for compliance with County Building Ordinances (Building, Plumbing, Mechanical, and Electrical Codes).

You can gain an understanding of the building permit process by keeping the following in mind:

  1.  A building permit application and a filled-out pool/spa questionnaire are submitted by the applicant at www.myOCeServices.ocgov.com
  2. Plans are submitted in pdf format and include the following: a. Detailed plan showing all existing and new features, set-back dimensions, and proposed safety fencing for the pool; b. Structure and material specifications for the pool; c. For non-standard plans, structural calculations are required; d. A soil report is required if the pool does not exceed 15′ from either the top or toe of a slope that is steeper than one unit vertical in three units horizontal.
  3. Prior to the issuance of a permit, planning approval is required.
  4. Make a payment on your plan check fee.
  5. When Orange County-approved standard pool plans are used, the 1st Plan Check is typically completed within five working days. In the case of non-standard plans, the 1st Plan Check may take up to 15 working days to complete.
  6. An inspection and consultation should be scheduled at www.myOCeServices.ocgov.com by the applicant.

Plan For Additional Requirements

Consider adding permits to your plans depending on what your plans entail and what’s happening in your backyard. It may be necessary to obtain additional permits if you plan to build new fences around your pool or make significant changes to your landscaping. If other permit requirements must be met, be ready to make the necessary adjustments.

Additionally, it is a good idea if you:

  • Ensure that the pool is at the required distance from the septic system
  • Make sure the pool is at the appropriate distance from your home
  • Eliminate issues with elevations and plantings that could affect stormwater runoff

Can My Pool Contractors in Orange County Help With Permits?

You will need to ask your contractor about this. For permit preparation and submission, some construction agencies have dedicated teams. There are some companies, however, that may require you to do this yourself before beginning the job.

Consult your builder about additional services they can provide, such as helping you apply for permits. Although your contractor may be able to help you obtain permits, you’ll most likely need to sign any paperwork and attend any inspections. You will rarely find a pool builder who can prepare and submit everything on their own.

Build Your Dream Pool With Orange County Swimming Pool Contractors

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