Owning a pool isn’t cheap, and there are monthly maintenance costs, as well as minor repairs like patching a leak and more substantial repairs like replacing the pool pump. But having a reliable service pool remodeling in Orange County can make going through these less stressful.

Moreover, there’s resurfacing. It’s a long and costly process, but you don’t have to do it often, only every 10 or so years. When the time comes for resurfacing, don’t be tempted to DIY. Bite the bullet and hire a professional Orange County pool remodeling company—it’s cheaper in the long run.

There is a Wide Variety of Surfaces for Pool Remodeling in Orange County

When your pool starts flaking or peeling, if there are chips or cracks, persistent leaks, and staining or discoloration—it’s time for a resurface—and this is quite a big job. The pool must be completely drained and cleaned before the process can start, and then, depending on the size of the pool and the surface chosen, it can take a week to complete. 

The type of surface used is very important when it comes to cost, durability, longevity, and aesthetics. There are nine different surfaces, but only a few are commonly used.

Types Of Resurfacing Material

Only about four or five resurfacing materials are most commonly used in the US, three of which are included below.


Concrete is one of the resurfacing materials that has been around the longest. It’s remained popular because it’s durable, water-resistant, and holds up well against extreme temperatures and UV rays without any damage. It’s also affordable and easy to install.

As the years have gone by, advancements in technology have made concrete one of the most versatile pool surfaces. For example, you can get hand-stained decorative finishes and printed logos, and you have the option to choose a high-gloss finish, or you can get a faux stone finish to give your pool a ten-thousand-dollar look on a thousand-dollar budget.

Moreover, concrete is widely considered the best pool resurfacing material.

Pool Plaster

Like concrete, pool plaster is durable and withstands extreme temperatures. Plaster surfaces last a long time and are remarkably tolerant of pool chemicals. It leaves a beautifully smooth and even finish without any bumps or dents.

Pool plaster is also an affordable surface that is low maintenance and easy to install.


Fiberglass is fast becoming the pool surface of choice. It is far more durable and long-lasting than concrete and plaster. In fact, a well-maintained fiberglass pool might only need to be resurfaced after 20 years.

Fiberglass pool surfaces are non-porous and don’t absorb the usual pool dirt, but they must be thoroughly cleaned. Its glossy finish makes it a good choice for those who like a high-end shine to their pools.

What Does Pool Resurfacing Cost?

The range of resurfacing costs is incredibly wide, from as low as $1,000 to $30,000 and up, while the national average is $6,500. 

Plaster resurfacing typically costs $5,500 per 1000 square feet and lasts about 10 years. White is the standard color, but you can also get gray, blue, and black surfaces. Bear in mind that prices will go up as soon as you start customizing the finish.

Concrete and fiberglass resurfacing typically cost $6500 per 1000 square feet, but as soon as you start choosing finishes like tile and aggregate, the costs go up.

Note that vinyl pools can’t be resurfaced, but you will have to replace the liner. Replacement liners can cost anything from $1000 – $3500 per 1000 square feet.

What Do Other Finishes Cost?

Some of the other commonly used resurfacing finishes include the following:


Paint is the cheapest finish, coming in at $1500 per 1000 square feet. The biggest drawback is that paint only lasts 2 – 5 years before it needs to be redone. You can get epoxy pool paint which should last seven years. Unfortunately, even epoxy paint can’t stand up to constant exposure to pool chemicals.


All types of aggregate finishes, including pebbles, crushed stone, and quartz, cost around $6500 per 1000 square feet. Quartz finishes have a 12-year lifespan, and glass-bead finishes have a 20-year lifespan (with proper pool maintenance).


Tile is where finishes really get expensive. It can cost $30,000 per 1000 square feet to resurface a pool in tiles. If you break it down a bit further, porcelain tiles cost in the region of $4 per square foot, ceramic tiles cost in the region of $6 per square foot, and glass tiles go all the way to $25 per square foot.

However, tiles have the longest lifespan, extending to 20 years or more. Glass tiles can last even longer than that.

An option that many people take is to use accent tiling, essentially tiles above the water line, and concrete or fiberglass for the rest of the finish.

What Else Adds to Pool Resurfacing Costs?

Draining and refilling costs must be factored into the total cost to resurface a pool. It can cost $175 to $225 to drain a pool and $55 per 5000 gallons to refill it. It’s possible to manage the draining and refilling yourself, which knocks a chunk off the total pool price.

Cleaning costs can be $250 if you hire a professional Orange County pool remodeling service provider. Again, you can clean the surface yourself to save on costs. Just remember that concrete surfaces need an acid wash before they can be resurfaced.

It’s difficult to pin down labor costs because there are so many variables, but it’s safe to assume a cost of $45 to $65 per hour. Repairs might be necessary before your pool can be resurfaced. Repairs could include patching leaks and resealing cracks.

Feeling Flush: Use Pool Remodeling In Orange County to Revamp Your Swimming Pool

Resurfacing your swimming pool takes it back to the starting line, almost. While the pool is drained and you’ve got work going on, why not install some upgrades, like a water heater or underwater lighting?

You could change the steps or add a water feature and a diving board. You could go full tilt and install pool decking. Talk to Orange County pool remodeling experts, like ours, for advice and recommendations.

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