Having a pool on your property is the perfect way to cool off during the summer months. There are those who will search online for swimming pools near them, while others prefer to build their own pool in their backyard. A pool may be something you want in your backyard, but what is the cost estimate to build one?

Adding a swimming pool to your home will increase its value as well as provide years of relaxation and fun for you and your family. Make sure to consider all the factors and additional costs that will affect pool installation. The following are some of the average costs associated with building a custom pool, along with the factors influencing the pricing.

Factors in Determining Pool Cost

There are several factors that affect the cost of building a poo, including the size, shape, type, location of the pool, labor costs, permits, excavation costs, landscaping, and materials.

Shape, Size, and Type of Pool

It costs between $50 and $125 per square foot to build a standard in-ground pool. It is the size of the pool that has the greatest impact on its cost. Generally, the bigger the project, the more expensive it is. It takes more time, materials, and equipment to build a larger pool.

Different types of pools have different shapes, and the materials dictate which type you can have. Fiberglass pools can be made only in shapes created by the manufacturer, whereas concrete and vinyl can be shaped to almost any shape. The most common shapes of pools include rectangles, ovals, kidneys, rounds, lagoons, and full-L shapes — all differ in their costs.


Pool construction costs are affected by the location of your property. The cost of installing a pool in northern states is approximately 15 to 25 percent higher than in Florida, Texas, or Arizona. Urban areas typically have higher labor costs than rural areas, which makes it more expensive to build a pool there.

Labor and Permits

The cost of building a pool is usually dominated by labor, which accounts for 25 to 50 percent of the overall cost. There can be a wide range of labor costs depending on the type of pool being installed. Labor costs for inground pools are higher than those for above-ground pools, and fiberglass and concrete pools are more expensive than vinyl pools.

Labor costs will be higher if extensive excavation is required or a deck is installed at the same time. According to the size, shape, and design of the pool, the average labor cost for building one range from $5,000 to $30,000. An even higher labor cost could be incurred when building a custom pool.

On the other hand, the cost of obtaining a permit to build a pool ranges from $200 to $300. Depending on the type of pool and the state you are in, permit prices may vary. A permit must be obtained before any work can begin on a pool. It is important to remember that your pool must be inspected before you can use it.

Additional Water Features

An integrated water feature like a rock waterfall or splashing fountain can add that tropical touch to your pool. It is not unusual for a customized pool water feature to cost as much as $21,666 for an elaborate design. Prices usually begin around $1,500.

Pool Costs Based on Type

There are many types of pools that can be installed in your backyard that you may not be aware of. Custom swimming pools come in a variety of styles. It is possible to customize many of these designs in an infinite number of ways. 

Saltwater Pool

A saltwater pool may be a great alternative to chlorine for people who have sensitive hair and skin. The low chlorine levels of saltwater pools make them much softer on the skin and provide a smooth, silky swimming experience. It costs between $34,500 and $61,333 to install a saltwater pool. 

In comparison with chlorine pools, saltwater pools require less maintenance and don’t require the same amount of chemicals. In order to prevent salt from damaging your pool ladders, decking, or nearby landscaping, you should choose corrosion-resistant pool features. 

Lap Pool

Swimming in a lap pool is a great way to get your day’s worth of exercise. The long and thin shape of these pools makes them suitable for almost any backyard. A lap pool may be the solution if your backyard is too small for a standard pool. Installation of a lap pool typically costs $30,000 to $67,500.

Infinity Pool

There is something stunning about infinity pools. The edgeless design creates a stunning visual effect as water flows from the pool’s edge into a basin below.

It may be necessary to slope the property to enhance the illusion brought about by the rim’s disappearing effect. A luxury custom pool builder typically charges between $57,500 and $130,000 for these extravagant pools.

Indoor Pool

Those who swim year-round will benefit from an indoor pool. The luxury of an indoor pool lets you swim whenever you want, regardless of rainy weather or ice-covered ponds. Moreover, your pool will remain clear of debris and free of falling leaves.

Most people pay $60,333 to $206,666 to build an indoor pool, so these luxuries are not for the budget-conscious.

Invest in a Luxury Custom Pool Built By Professionals

Custom pool builders in Orange County are the best choice if you have an exact vision for your backyard. You can customize your luxury pool with high-end materials and feature options that will make it everything you’ve ever wanted. Whether you’re looking to swim laps or splash in the water with friends and family, Calimingo Pools can help you build and install the perfect swimming pool for your needs.

For over 20 years, we have been making luxury pools ready for use and handling all our client’s requirements. You can count on us for pool installation and remodeling services. For more information, please reach out to us at connect@calimingo.com or call 714-235-3294 today!

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