You can turn your outdoor space into a green haven through proper restoration and careful arrangement of your plants and other softscape elements. Outdoor spaces can be enhanced and beautified with gardening and landscaping. Those spaces may include your backyard, lawns, public or private parks, golf courses, or apartment complexes.

When it comes to redesigning or maintaining your urban garden, choosing the right professional is important. Nevertheless, it is often a mystery to people what the difference between a gardener and a landscaper is, as well as which one is right for their environmental space.

Let’s take a look at the following on how a gardener and a landscaper differ and which is best for your project.

Gardening vs. Landscaping: What’s the Difference?

Gardening and landscaping both create and maintain functional, aesthetically pleasing outdoor spaces, but they differ in some ways. Whether they are hobbies or professions, both activities can be done in tiny backyards, parks, and even building complexes. Although landscaping and gardening share many similarities, they have distinct differences too.

Among the main differences between gardening and landscaping are the elements involved. In gardening, you tend and cultivate a garden, while in landscaping, you change the existing design of the landscape. This can be achieved by planting trees and shrubs and adding decorative elements to make the garden more appealing. 


An active aspect of gardening is the demand for cultivating and tending a garden. Various types of plants are grown in gardens, such as shrubs, flowers, and trees. Gardens are often decorated with ornamental plants, especially to improve their appearance.

The word gardening doesn’t necessarily have to refer to gardens or yards, although most of us associate it with them. Gardening solutions can also be done outdoors in your yard or simply in pots on your balcony or patio. It is even common for some people to have rooftop gardens.

Gardening can also be done indoors by some people. The practice of indoor gardening features plants in greenhouses. The walls and roofs are transparent, allowing sunlight to penetrate and plants to grow.

Gardening is a relaxing hobby for many people. The majority of us garden as a hobby or for recreation. Additionally, gardening is said to have several positive physiological and psychological effects.


Plants, terrain, and structures are used in modern landscaping to change the appearance of a land area. Other types of plants may be added to the landscape design, including ornamental, native, and edible ones. 

In general, terrain changes occur through processes such as backfilling, mounding, terrace construction, and grading. It also involves structures such as a wall, a fence, a deck, or a patio cover.

The landscaping of the land features may change depending on the owner’s requirements. For instance, others may want to recreate a garden style they like, such as tropical gardens, while others are interested in sustainable landscapes that create natural habitats and save water.

In addition, landscaping can be seen as a mixture of art and nature. To create effective landscape architecture, professional landscape architects should possess good horticultural knowledge.

Adding landscaping value to a property and improving curb appeal are two of the reasons why landscaping is done. The landscape creates a space for socializing that is functional. In some cases, it is viewed as enhancing the prestige and image of your property. 

Professional Landscapers and Gardeners

A professional gardener may have a bachelor’s degree in horticulture or botany. In addition, professional gardeners can serve as interns and complete a master gardener program. Master’s degree programs typically consist of several hours of training requirements from universities and professionals in the field of gardening and horticulture.

An expert landscape architect in Orange County should have licensing requirements and degrees relevant to the study of landscape architecture. They obtain certifications to practice landscaping skills. Their work usually entails presentations of drawings and computer-aided design.

Gardeners or Landscapers: Which Should You Hire?

When it comes to hiring a gardener or a landscaper for your backyard environment, it’s not always clear what to look for. Despite the clear distinction between the two services, there are some similarities between them. 

When it comes to maintaining your garden and maintaining living greenery, you should hire a gardener. An expert landscaper is the best person to hire if you want to change the structure or layout of your gardens, such as adding walls or tiers.

Inquire directly with a gardener or a landscaper if you aren’t sure which profession you need. There may be places where one professional can manage your landscape project progress, while there may be a case where both types of professionals need to be hired.

It is a good idea to let each company know that they will be working together if you do this. When you want to make both sides of the project work together and get a great garden as a result, you should ensure a good working relationship with both gardeners and landscapers.

Elevate Your Outdoor Space With Orange County Professional Landscape Architects

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