Pebble Tec® is a trademarked pool finish made from cement, sand, and aggregate. It’s remarkably durable, with a life that reaches 20 years and beyond. It’s also incredibly beautiful, which is why these pools are increasingly popular with homeowners planning a pool remodeling in Orange County.

The finish is expensive, but its durability more than makes up for the cost. It’s essential to find Orange County pool remodeling experts to correctly install Pebble Tec®  to avoid unnecessary problems.

Pool Remodeling in Orange County Sets Your Pebble Tec Pool Up for Success

Aside from the cost, which puts Pebble Tec® pools out of reach for some homeowners, the chances of problems developing are low, and many are caused by poor installation.

Scaling or White Haze

Scaling occurs when swimming pool chemicals are out of balance. It may seem like a minor problem, but if it’s not addressed quickly, other problems will arise. For example, white haze can trap debris and other dirt, further affecting chemical balance in the pool water and causing discoloration.

There are two solutions to scaling problems, both of which depend on the severity.

  1. If the scaling is still mild, you can use chemicals to remove the haze. It’s then essential to test your pool’s chemical levels once or twice a week so that the problem in your swimming pool doesn’t recur.
  2. If the scaling is severe, your only option is to drain the pool and remove the haze completely with a pressure washer, and it’s best to have a professional provide the service. You must get into the habit of proper pool maintenance to virtually eliminate the chance that the hazing problem will crop up again.

Pebble Tec Discoloration

Discoloration can occur when the finish isn’t installed properly, and the integrity of the porous material is compromised. Chemical imbalances can also cause the problem, which once again points to the importance of regular testing to ensure all the water chemistry levels are as they should be.

You’ll have to adjust the chemical levels, including chlorine and acidity, to bring them back into balance.

Acid washing may be necessary to remove stains completely. If your pool needs to be acid washed, it must be drained so that a professional pool company can carry out the process and clean the surface correctly. In some instances, professionals may have to scrub away the remaining grime.

You could potentially use a no-drain acid wash to resolve the issue, but discuss this with a pool professional first.

Rough Finish

Pebble Tec®  is designed to provide a smooth finish with just enough traction to prevent swimmers from slipping. A rough finish that is uncomfortable on the feet is likely caused by improper installation. A finish can also be abraded by delamination, high pH, and extreme environmental conditions.

You may have to drain your pool so a professional can sand, shave, or acid wash the finish. If you find that the surface becomes rough again, you may need to completely replaster your pool.

Talk to Orange County pool remodeling service providers for information on no-drain sanding and acid washing.

Structural Cracks

Structural cracking is a serious problem because cracks occur in the pool shell and not just on the surface of the pool walls and floor. The cracks are largely attributed to incorrectly engineered, designed, and constructed pools.

Depending on the severity of the structural cracks, it might be possible to carry out repairs underwater. In cases where the cracks are bad, it might be necessary to drain the pool to repair the damage. 

Surface Cracks

Surface cracks can be attributed to shrinkage or settling. Generally, surface cracks are easy to repair. Pool owners can buy a patch kit and repair the problem themselves. Repair the cracks as soon as you notice them—otherwise, they can lead to other problems, including the formation of calcium nodules, fostering algae, and staining or discoloration. 


Spalling occurs when a very thin layer of the plaster peels off the surface. Trowling problems are the main cause of spalling, including over-trowling and adding too much when trowling. In some cases, it’s possible to simply sand the affected area. If the problem has become severe, you may have to replaster the affected area.

Repair Costs

The costs for repairing problems in Pebble Tec®  pools range from the price of a patch repair kit to a full upgrade which can cost $24,000 or more. Add this to the cost of the original surface, and you’ll understand why people are reluctant to install these finishes.

It’s important to note that problems are rare, especially if the surfacing is carried out by professionals and you maintain the recommended maintenance schedule.

Considering the Potential Problems, are Pebble Tec Pools Worth the Expense?

Pebble Tec®  surfaces have many advantages when compared to other pool surfaces, these are:

  1. Pebble Tec®  supplies its own materials, so you can always trust the quality and consistency of its products.
  2. There is a total of 70 colors to choose from, and they’re all fade-resistant. 
  3. Only licensed and trained pool installers are allowed to install Pebble Tec®  pools. Not only does this ensure the quality of each installation, but it also virtually eliminates any chance the material will develop most of the issues listed above.
  4. The warranty is the best in the industry.
  5. You can choose from four textures, each of which has the Pebble Tec®  stamp of approval.

Textures and colors include:

  • Pebble Tec®: 18 colors available
  • Pebble Sheen 16 colors available
  • Pebble Fina: 14 colors available
  • Bead Crete: 12 colors available

If you are prepared to make a significant investment in your pool, which has excellent knock-on effects on your property value, then yes, absolute Pebble Tec®  surfaces are worth it.

Beautify Your Pool With Pool Remodeling in Orange County

There are several resurfacing options if you want an affordable pool surface that mimics the look of Pebble Tec®.

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