A well-planned pool installation in Orange County can give your landscape a dash of glitz. Water features like a swimming pool should be included in any home with sizable enough outdoor living spaces because they improve the architecture of the property.

Since the pool will serve as the centerpiece of your backyard, you must choose its location, shape, and size before beginning to plan anything else.

Swimming pools by themselves are not enough to build your dream pool, therefore if you want to design an area that promotes serenity, you should add some additional amenities to the outdoor area.

Ideas for Designing Your Pool Like a Pro

Although a swimming pool is a great focal point for your backyard, landscaping is as crucial to the pool’s design. A raised deck, lovely trees, and plants, or a chic entertainment space around the pool can all help it look more appealing and welcoming.

Here are some other ideas for beautifying your swimming pool installation, Orange County flair.

Choose a Location for the Pool

When choosing the location for your swimming pool construction, take into account that it serves more than just providing a cool spot to swim during the summer months in Southern California. It is also a factor that significantly affects how your outdoor living space appears.

Pool builders should ideally situate your Orange County pool in your backyard’s most sunny area. If the pool can be seen from inside or outside the house, talk to a swimming pool contractor to put it somewhere that will still look good in the winter.

Select your preferred pool shape

It is a common preference among homeowners to have rectangular pools. For an original shape design, you should contact swimming pool contractors to assist you, since incorporating it into the landscape of the property can be quite difficult.

When you stick to a classic shape, finding a pool cover will be easier. Creating a spa-inspired space can be accomplished with an oval or round custom pool.

Install a Pool with an Infinity Edge

Installing an infinity pool is a good idea if your backyard has a breathtaking view because it will be the standout feature that makes your house look amazing. Make sure to work with a trusted luxury swimming pool builder, carefully choosing the right pool will help blend it seamlessly with the other landscape features.

Lights give an additional architectural component if you wish to accentuate the nighttime view. The intensity of the color you chose for the pool will be highlighted by the underwater lighting, which will also improve the nighttime aesthetic of the pool.

Make Use of Bubblers

Bubblers are actually spurts of water and air that begin below the water’s surface and give the water a lovely bubble look. Although it lacks the force of a spray fountain, it can be combined with colorful lights to mimic an outdoor fountain.

The main goal is purely aesthetic, and the sound of running water can be added. Bubblers form a beautiful pool feature and give a pleasant sound of splashing water.

Incorporate Fountains into Your Pool

Pool fountains are essentially ornamental, but they have the power to dramatically alter a serene, blue image. Many homeowners adore pool fountains because they add the magnificent water element that their yard needs.

Fountains can be positioned within the pool or only outside of it. This kind of design can have its colored lights programmed and coordinated in a pattern.

Get a Trusted Orange County Pool Builder for Your New Pool

You can incorporate a variety of additional ornaments and unique design concepts into your pool design, including a pool canopy, LED lighting, a swim-up bar or cocktail table, a beach-like walk-in, a lazy river, and more. For your other pool design concepts, be sure to reach out to reliable pool builder in Orange County.

With Calimingo Pools, our pool building services will take into account the lifestyles of pool owners, the amount of time you plan to spend on your property, and our experience in constructing pools that are uniquely tailored to your needs. You’ll be sure to be satisfied with our pool-building skills.

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