Once you’ve got your pool installed and the landscaping is to your liking, you may find one more problem to solve before you feel absolutely comfortable in your backyard. When this happens, trusted custom pool builders will come to your rescue.

Privacy is one of the most important features your backyard must have, and it’s not just about nosy neighbors. In fact, they might not give a hoot about what you do in your yard, but sometimes the way in which houses are designed gives them a fair view of your pool area.

Therefore, it is wise to talk with your luxury custom pool builder for ideas that will improve the backyard privacy around your swimming pool.

Privacy Ideas from Custom Pool Builders in Orange County

Some ideas to increase the privacy around your pool are simple enough for DIY, but there are some which are best handled by professionals.


The first decision you must make is whether you want to install a permanent pool fence or a temporary one. Then you must choose the material, and you have a lot of options, including a wood fence made from red or white cedar or a lattice fence.

A wooden fence might be better suited as a permanent structure, while a lattice could work as a temporary privacy fence. 

You can use metal, stone, and even brick. Brick and stone will likely be permanent, but the metal could be well-suited to portable fencing. It’s important to think about where you’re going to put the fence. For example, if you’re going to put it on the decking, you must find out if it can take the weight of it.

You may also want to consider the color because virtually every fencing material can be painted. Lattice and some metal fences look gorgeous with creeping vines woven in and out of the frame.

Privacy Screens

For pool privacy purposes, a privacy screen is a freestanding or permanent screen made from a single panel or panels that you place between you and whichever people have a view.

They can be made from wood, metal, and fine mesh. They are typically woven into interlocking shapes, although you can get a custom screen with a unique design.

It is often covered in creeping vines and other flowers like a lattice. In time, it can become a living wall covered in dense foliage.

A new option on the scene is laser-cut metal privacy screens. They can be customized to most designs and are very long-lasting. They’re often used in gazebos and as standalone pieces.

Trees and Hedges

Trees are amazing for privacy. The major downside is that they take a long time to grow. You can set yourself up for success by purchasing growing trees, kind of like buying a Christmas tree, only one that’s still alive. There are also some quick-growing trees you can plant. 

A few quick notes on trees: If you’re going to plant trees, make sure there is enough space between them so they can grow properly. Don’t plant them too close to the pool, where the roots can cause major damage, or near the border fence with your neighbor, because the roots can grow through to their property and mess around with things like their watering system.

Find out if there are codes or regulations you need to comply with, and then comply with them.

A hedge makes a great natural fence, and it is basically a dense wall of shrubbery. Some grow very tall and fast, while some are foliage only, and others have lovely flowers. They can also be shaped any way you like. Moreover, they are easy to plant and are quite low maintenance.

Pergolas and Gazebos

Pergolas and gazebos are a great way to create shade while screening you from your neighbors. A pergola tends to be a permanent or semi-permanent fixture, while a gazebo can be permanent or extremely portable. Camping gazebos can be set up virtually anywhere, providing cover on the go—its distinguishing feature is its closed tops.

Even simple structures can look elegant. A wooden pergola with a light frame and wooden slats for the ceiling is about as simple and effective as it gets. To make them private, you can have curtains that you can roll up or to the side when you don’t need them and roll down when you do to create peaceful living spaces outdoors.

Privacy Sails

A privacy sail is a huge piece of shaded cloth that is stretched out between four points. You can get them in various shapes, sizes, and colors. They can serve as panels on a privacy screen. They can be fastened to the side of the wall and gently bent over to cover the patio or walkways, and you can also place them directly overhead to cover the deck or patio.

Privacy sails can be temporary, so you can move them to where they’re most needed; for example, you can have them on the left side of the patio in the morning to protect you from the sun and shift them to cover the pergola in the evening.

They can also be permanent, for example, to provide shade on the walkway from the house to the garage.

Tiered Plants and Trees

This is a lovely idea best handled by professional custom pool builders in Orange County and landscape designers. Like a wedding cake, it has several layers that go from biggest to smallest.

Tall trees or hedges are placed on the very outside, followed by medium-sized plants and shrubs, and finally, short flowers, shrubs, and indigenous plants. It might be nice to include a little rockery right in the front.

Extend the Services of a Company that Specializes in Custom Pool Design in Orange County

Creating more privacy in your backyard can be as simple or as elaborate as you choose. Bear in mind that the more you go with the latter, the more likely you are to need a professional luxury custom pool builder and landscape designer to complete the project.

There are pool-building companies like ours whose services extend to landscaping. Why not include your pool landscaping ideas, including privacy ideas, right at the beginning of the process when you start designing your pool?

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