Calimingo Pools is here to help you create the perfect backyard oasis. With our high-quality products and professional design services, we can transform your outdoor living space into a peaceful retreat that will make lasting memories worth sharing with
friends or family.

A fresh new appearance can bring elegance, functionality and modernization to an existing pool and outdoor living space. Calimingo Pools has the trusted experience needed to transform and beautify your pool’s appearance aligning it with your lifestyle and preferences, while also addressing other issues. Using state-of-the art technology, the latest in material selections and our design expertise, we provide you endless options for your pool renovation and many more enjoyable years poolside.


Our talented team of experienced pool professionals have been transforming and modernizing pools and outdoor living spaces for over 20 years. Our attention to detail and client centered focus is unparalleled.



Calimingo Pools can help breathe new life in your existing pool by replastering the surface. Over time, your plaster can crack and lose its luster. We offer a vast selection of plaster choices with varying aggregates and stunning colors that will revive the appearance of your pool with vibrant hues, bold tones and superior product quality.



Pool tile at the waterline provides a decorative touch and protection for your pool. Over time, it’s normal for your pool’s tile to begin showing signs of aging, usually visible with water stains and fading, as well as cracking and breaking off the pool shell. You may also prefer to change the pool tile based on personal preference, especially if you have purchased a home with an existing pool.



Whether you need to extend an existing patio area to create additional entertainment space, change the current decking material because of age or damage, or want a new look for your outdoor living space; our team of pool professionals can help design and build the look and function you desire.



Many pools require a complete transformation. This may be due to lifestyle changes and preferences, on-going repair work and the natural aging of the pool. Designing and building a custom remodeling project is an exciting process that brings amazing results when you partner with our remodeling team to create your backyard paradise.



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